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Quick, professional transcription

Trascrivi is the solution for converting vocal conversation into written copy (transcription or  tape transcription).

The service’s technology allows you to upload audio/video files online (e.g.: mp3, wav, ogg, wma, avi, mp4, mov, wmv...)  and, using a voice recognition, to receive the transcription in text format (rtf, word, txt) with short turnaround times and at competitive costs, guaranteeing the confidentiality of all documentation provided.

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Services and products


Easy is automatic, cheap and available immediately.


Pro is reliable, punctual and revised by Cedat 85 professionals.


Transcription services on your mobile phone, ready-for-use, to meet all needs.


The perfect solution for compiling a book of your own audio notes, ready for publication.

Register now free of charge

Register now on trascrivi.it, free of charge and with no commitment, to test the service immediately. You will receive a free assessment of your recording by a team of Cedat professionals within 48h (the original audio file is all-important in order to obtain top-quality transcription), along with a free transcription sample.
You can then choose whether to go ahead and purchase the complete transcription.